Greenfit Ruoholahti -

How can a gym be ecological?


Why us?

Greenfit Concept is the first ecological exercise and well-being chain in Finland and also in the whole of Europe, according to the latest information, which also brings ecology to the gym and its world of values.

In the Greenfit Concept, attention is paid to ecology, right from the choice of facilities and construction work. In the equipment base, interior design, cleaning, digital operating systems and even the smallest nuances of the business, we have tried to take these values into account. In our premises you can also find e.g. elements affecting air quality, such as green walls and greenery, which have been studied to have positive effects on air quality. Our purpose is to bring a piece of nature indoors, without forgetting the modern and fresh look.

Location, facilities and decor

Our central location and good transport links guarantee everyone an easy access to Greenfit. It is important to us that as many people as possible have access to public transport. The metro stop is located 400m away, directly on the other side of the shopping center Ruoholahti. The nearest tram stops are also at the same distance. The bus stops are located directly on Porkkalankatu, on both sides of the road, in the immediate vicinity of our entrance.

However, we have not forgotten motorists. Upon arrival by car, you can park your car in Ruohoparkki, where the first hour is free. There are also electric car charging plugs in the grass park. From Ruohopark, you can easily get straight to Porkkalankatu, so when you cross the road, our fitness center is at the front door. There are also disc parking spaces on the surrounding cross streets and in front of the house.

The materials in our hall largely consist of Finnish innovative recycled and recycled materials. When renovating the premises, we used second-hand materials, from the interior to the floor materials. As flooring materials, we have made the most of rubber tiles. The rubber tiles are made of 100% recycled material.

The lighting in our premises has been implemented entirely with energy-efficient LED lighting, utilizing spot lights and LED strips. As a specialty, there are also lamps made of real moss in our premises. In our sound system, we have utilized active speakers with wooden frames.

In the lobby there is a lounge area for guests to enjoy, before and after a workout. The interior of our lounge is executed with a natural theme. Virtually all of the elements found in the facilities are made from recycled materials or purchased as second-hand products.


Whether you are a hard-working, novice visitor or in between, we have the equipment to safely reach your goals. Greenfit specializes in equipment that is genuinely eco-friendly. There are several well-known and responsible brands in the equipment base, such as Technogym, Cybex, Fitland and several others.

Our Cardiolaite range mainly consists of Technogym products. The Italian Technogym is one of the leading brands in the industry worldwide. Technogym's equipment is made from recycled materials and is thus a truly ecological choice for our gym. Technogym also takes care of the responsible manufacturing process, right up to the removal and recycling of packaging materials. Our range is complemented by Cybex cardio equipment, which is a second hand product.

The range of equipment on the gym side also includes Tehcnogym's products, Cybex's (second hand) products, Primal's products and Spanish Fitland's products. Fitland specializes in the so-called self-sufficiency, as the manufacturing process is carried out self-sufficient, utilizing our own raw materials in our own factory. All small accessories, benches and utensils are from Finland, from a Finnish manufacturer called Dinox.

All emissions from the equipment, its delivery and other matters related to our equipment are compensated.

Cleaning, recycling and hygiene

In our premises, we use an ecological cleaning company that takes into account sustainable criteria in cleaning. All cleaning and cleaning agents are ecological and allergy-free. We use paper made from recycled material as toilet paper, and instead of handmade paper, customers use ecological cotton towel rolls.

All customers have access to Taika's natural cosmetics, in accordance with the values ​​of our brand. Taika's products have a Cosmos Natural certificate issued by Ecocert, which guarantees environmental friendliness throughout the entire production chain. The raw materials, packaging and the entire production process are precisely defined by the certificate and supervised by Ecocert. At least 98% of the ingredients used in magic products are of natural origin. Taika's product line is also 100% vegan and completely carbon neutral.

We recycle all waste from our gym facilities and business. To make recycling easier, there are possible bins for recycling in our premises, which makes sorting easy from the customer's point of view as well.

Piece of nature inside

Greenfit works with a green wall manufacturer called Naava to bring nature into your exercise experience. The green walls of the navel have been studied to increase energy in your training, improve your cognitive performance and also reduce harmful chemicals from the indoor air. For example, if you suffer from eye symptoms or dry without interfering with your breathing, a green wall will optimize humidity and reduce those symptoms. Especially when the pollen controls the air in the spring or the dry air in the winter, you enjoy working out without any problems. Several top athletes also take full advantage of Naava’s products to optimize their recovery.

There is more to our premises than just a green wall. Several different plantations with the most allergen-free varieties possible for our customers. There is also a fountain that soothes the mind and body to share space. Water is an essential part of nature and we wanted to make it part of a more natural experience in gym training.

Read more about Naava

Products and additional services for sale

In addition to gym services, our selection includes a variety of supplements, vitamin drinks and health products. The products below are part of every gym’s range, being a great addition to support your workout and varied diet. The selection includes two well-known Finnish brands: Puhdistamo ja Foodin.

Foodin is a Jyväskylä-based family company that manufactures and imports organic food and products. The basis of our products is simple; they must do good to the user, the farmer and the environment. Food is known for its slogan: “Better food for a better tomorrow”.

The refinery is a company founded in 2009 with the aim of making superfoods available to all people. The refinery offers a wide range of products without preservatives, additives or sweeteners.


Emission compensation, charity and donations

Climate change is certainly one of the greatest challenges facing our humanity, which also affects Finland, Finns and the entire world's population. Emissions are generated by all business activities, including transportation, manufacturing processes and packaging. In the future, however, these emissions must be significantly reduced. With our own actions and solutions, we can make a difference. Every company, individual and organization should be aware of the environmental impact of their operations. At Greenfit, we know them and want to be part of the solution. Our goal is not just to reduce the carbon footprint of our business, but to zero it out.

WWF Finland

We cooperate with WWF Finland. WWF is a global and responsible player whose priorities include protecting nature and solving environmental problems. WWF has grown from a small organization focused on the protection of endangered species to the most influential environmental organization in the world. WWF has operations in more than 100 countries and offices in more than 50 countries. WWF has been operating in Finland since 1972. Over the past five decades, WWF has succeeded in, among other things:

to protect endangered species and habitats
to fund and conduct research for the benefit of nature
influenced decision-making, businesses and people’s consumption behavior
With the help of WWF Finland, we donate 10€ of new each membership to various protected sites. You can read the donations and their breakdown on our membership page. Read more about donations!


The Taimiteko operating model, which was created on the basis of the Youth in Climate Work project, aims to plant 10,000 hectares of new forest in Finland by 2030. Behind the seedling work is the Finnish 4h Association. Seedling means a concrete act that our organization does to curb climate change. With the help of planting, we can compensate for carbon dioxide emissions throughout the year, while employing young Finns.

The aim of the seedlings is to employ young Finns and increase the carbon sinks of Finnish forests by planting seedlings in areas that have not been active in forestry or agriculture for decades. According to the Confederation of Agricultural and Forestry Producers, there are still about 100,000 hectares of such land in Finland that would be suitable for afforestation. A carbon sink created in forests is a good target for carbon compensation because it is long-lasting and active. Afforestation also creates new habitats and ecosystem services.

"Our goal is to show an example to other companies and organizations that eco-actions are possible regardless of industry. Even small environmental actions are important. It's important to understand that together we can make a difference."