There is a children's park in the premises for our customers, so that everyone has the opportunity to move around!

The children's park can also be used outside of the customer service's opening hours.

To the gym with a child!

Everyday life can be urgent and especially when children are small, parents often have limited free time. Finding a place to care for a child is not necessarily an automation in the middle of everyday life. In these cases, the threshold usually increases and the parent easily gives up his or her own time and hobbies. We strive to make everyday life easier for our families by offering a children's park to all our guests free of charge.

Our children's park combines a world of values ​​according to our concept. Recycled materials and second-hand products have been utilized in the interior, from children's toys to furniture. Kiddex Finland is our partner in the interior design of the children's park. Kiddex Oy is an import company of high-quality and responsibly produced children's products, founded in 2008. The products are based on ecology, non-toxicity, safety and standardized production conditions. The toys and space are designed for your child so that time is sure not to be long.

You can read more about Kiddex's products at:

There is no instructor at the children's park. Adults leave their children at the children's park on their own responsibility.