Individual exercise, wellness and health services for the needs of each company.

TYKY and TYHY days

TYKY Day and TYHY Day is a recreation and well-being day for a company, community or organization is important to maintain the ability to work and well-being of employees. Common recreational moments outside of work are important for a company’s efficiency, productivity, teamwork skills, and communication. Focusing on well-being at work helps the organization’s staff to weld more closely together and, at best, grow as people and as a company.

TYHY days are also important for the work motivation of the company's employees - fun moments and a sense of belonging motivate them to work in a completely new way. Investing in a blank day makes employees feel an important part of the company's operations, which at best will also increase the workload of the future. For this reason, it is important to remember to organize empty-days often enough.

In addition to the following, by investing in the well-being of employees at work, studies show that more than 40% of sick leave can be avoided. Sounds good, right?

We organize different entities with several different partners, regardless of your company's needs and budget. All events are produced without forgetting ecology.

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Example solutions

The company's weekly hours, small groups and various entities.

Weekly hour

Company's own hour of the week from



Customized for your own small group from


All Inclusive

Company all inclusive package from person / month


Welfare entities for companies

An hour of the week

A weekly group lesson that can be taken on the company's own premises, outdoors or at the partners' premises.

Time / place constant.

Small group

A weekly group lesson that can be taken on the company's own premises, outdoors or at the partners' premises.

Exercise Program / Diet Counseling.

Fitness testing at the beginning and end.

InBody - measurement at the beginning and end.

All Inclusive

Initial mapping

Fitness Testing / InBody Measurements x 3

Individual training program

Diet Counseling + Diet Example

Individual meeting once a month (60-70 min)

Preferred price for gym membership (partner halls)

Discount price for massage services (partner rooms)

Prices are VAT. 0% prices.
From the small group, the price is valid for a group of at least 8 people for 12 weeks.
From the All Inclusive package, the price is valid for a minimum of 15 participants, 6 months contract period, one month billing.